The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV is a cutting-edge television that combines top-of-the-line technology with an elegant design. Samsung is renowned for its innovation in the television market, and the S95C exemplifies this commitment to excellence. This review will investigate the technology, features, design, picture quality, and sound quality of the Samsung S95C to analyze its capabilities and performance comprehensively.


Samsung has integrated advanced technology into the S95C to deliver an exceptional viewing experience. The TV boasts a 4K OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display, which ensures stunning colors and deep blacks. OLED technology allows each pixel to emit light, resulting in an infinite contrast ratio and precise color reproduction. This technology surpasses traditional LED displays, making it an ideal choice for discerning viewers.


The Samsung S95C comes equipped with a plethora of features that elevate its performance. Some noteworthy features include:

HDR (High Dynamic Range): HDR enhances the TV’s ability to display a wider range of brightness levels, delivering more realistic and vivid images. It ensures that the picture’s bright and dark areas are detailed and captivating.

Smart TV capabilities: The S95C is a Smart TV offering seamless integration with popular streaming services, apps, and voice assistants. Users can enjoy a diverse range of content with the convenience of voice commands.

Multi-format compatibility: The TV supports various video and audio formats, ensuring smooth media playback from different sources.

Gaming mode: For gaming enthusiasts, the S95C offers a dedicated gaming mode that reduces input lag, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


Samsung has crafted the S95C with a sleek, modern design that effortlessly complements any living space. The TV features an ultra-slim profile with minimal bezels, providing an immersive viewing experience. The stand is sturdy and elegantly designed, contributing to the TV’s overall aesthetics. Additionally, the S95C comes with wall-mounting compatibility, allowing users to mount it on the wall for a minimalist look.

Picture Quality

The Samsung S95C’s picture quality is nothing short of exceptional. The 4K OLED panel delivers stunning visuals with vibrant colors, deep blacks, and impressive contrast. HDR further enhances the picture by adding depth to shadows and highlights, creating a more lifelike image. Whether watching movies, sports, or playing video games, the S95C delivers captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression.

The TV’s upscaling capabilities are commendable, as it can efficiently upscale lower-resolution content to near-4K quality. This feature is handy when viewing non-4K content, ensuring it still looks sharp and detailed on the high-resolution display.


Sound Quality

The Samsung S95C doesn’t disappoint when it comes to audio performance. It features a high-quality built-in speaker system with Dolby Digital Plus support, producing clear and immersive sound. The TV delivers a robust audio experience that complements its stunning visuals, making it ideal for movie nights and immersive gaming sessions.

For audiophiles and users seeking a more cinematic audio experience, the S95C offers various audio output options. It supports HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel), allowing users to connect the TV to a compatible soundbar or home theater system for an even more powerful audio setup.

Remote Control

The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV comes with an intuitive and well-designed remote control that enhances the user experience. The remote is sleek and comfortable, with strategically placed buttons for easy access to essential functions. It utilizes Bluetooth technology, ensuring a reliable connection to the TV without the need for a direct line of sight. The responsive navigation and ergonomic layout make operating the TV a breeze and accessing various features.

The remote control also includes voice control functionality, allowing users to interact with the TV using voice commands. This feature adds convenience, enabling users to search for content, adjust settings, and even control compatible smart home devices with simple voice prompts.

Connectivity Options

Samsung has equipped the S95C with a wide range of connectivity options, ensuring seamless integration with external devices and peripherals. The TV features multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, and an optical audio output. These ports enable users to connect gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, soundbars, and other devices to enhance their entertainment setup.

Additionally, the S95C supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, providing easy access to the internet and a stable connection for streaming content, browsing the web, and accessing Smart TV features.


The Samsung S95C is highly compatible with various media formats and devices. It supports a wide range of video and audio formats, ensuring smooth media playback from external USB drives or network storage devices. Whether you have a collection of movies, videos, or music, the S95C will likely be able to handle them without any issues.

Furthermore, the TV is compatible with popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, allowing users to stream their favorite shows and movies directly on the TV without additional devices.

Smart Features

As a Smart TV, the Samsung S95C offers a plethora of smart features to enhance the user experience. The TV comes equipped with the Tizen operating system, which provides a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation. The Tizen OS is known for its smooth performance and quick response times, ensuring a hassle-free Smart TV experience.

One of the standout features is the built-in voice assistant, which supports popular voice platforms like Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant. This voice functionality allows users to control the TV, search for content, adjust settings, and even control other compatible smart home devices with natural language commands.

App Store

The Samsung Smart TV App Store provides many apps and services that cater to different interests and preferences. From entertainment apps like Netflix and Hulu to productivity apps and gaming options, the App Store offers a diverse range of content to explore. Users can easily download and install apps directly on the TV, expanding its functionality and making it a central hub for various activities.

The App Store is regularly updated with new apps and services, ensuring users can access the latest content and features to stay entertained and connected.

Gaming Experience

For gaming enthusiasts, the Samsung S95C delivers an exceptional gaming experience. The 4K OLED display and HDR support combination ensure breathtaking visuals with vibrant colors and stunning contrast, bringing games to life with remarkable detail.

The TV’s gaming mode reduces input lag, resulting in a more responsive gaming experience, making it an ideal choice for competitive gamers. Whether playing fast-paced action games or immersive open-world adventures, the S95C delivers smooth and fluid gameplay without noticeable delays.

Viewing Angle

OLED technology offers impressive viewing angles, and the S95C is no exception. With its OLED panel, the TV maintains consistent color accuracy and contrast even when viewed from off-center positions. This feature is precious for larger living rooms or when hosting gatherings, as everyone can enjoy an optimal viewing experience regardless of their seating position.

The wide viewing angle enhances the TV’s versatility, making it suitable for various room layouts and seating arrangements.

Voice Control

The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV offers an impressive voice control feature that enhances user convenience and accessibility. The TV is equipped with advanced voice recognition technology, enabling users to interact with the TV using natural language commands. This voice control functionality supports popular voice platforms like Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant, allowing users to choose their preferred voice assistant.

With voice control, users can perform a wide range of tasks, such as changing channels, adjusting volume, navigating menus, searching for content, and even controlling compatible smart home devices. The accuracy and responsiveness of the voice recognition system make it a valuable addition, particularly for those who prefer hands-free control or have mobility challenges.

Input Ports

The Samsung S95C comes with an array of input ports, ensuring seamless connectivity with various external devices. The TV features multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, and an optical audio output, making connecting gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, soundbars, and other audiovisual equipment easy.

Moreover, including HDMI 2.1 ports ensures compatibility with the latest gaming consoles, allowing for features like 4K at higher refresh rates and Variable Refresh Rates (VRR) for smoother gaming performance.

Additionally, the TV provides legacy ports, such as component and composite inputs, for connecting older devices that may not have HDMI capabilities. The extensive selection of input options makes the S95C versatile and future-proof, accommodating a wide range of devices and entertainment sources.

Wall Mount Compatibility

The Samsung S95C is designed with wall-mounting compatibility, catering to users who prefer a clean and minimalist look for their living space. The TV features a VESA-compatible mounting pattern, allowing it to be easily attached to a variety of wall mounts available in the market.

Wall mounting the TV not only adds aesthetic appeal but also helps to save space and keeps the TV safe from accidental bumps or knocks. It is important to note that while wall mounting can be a great option, users should ensure they have proper wall mounting hardware and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe installation.


The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV offers a comprehensive calibration menu with advanced settings to ensure the best possible picture quality. Calibration enables users to fine-tune various picture parameters, such as brightness, contrast, color temperature, and gamma, according to their preferences and viewing environment.

While the TV comes pre-calibrated from the factory to deliver excellent out-of-the-box performance, calibration can enhance the viewing experience by tailoring the picture settings to the user’s specific needs. Professional calibration services are also available for those seeking expert assistance in optimizing the TV’s picture quality.

Software Updates

Samsung regularly releases software updates for their Smart TVs, including the S95C model. These updates provide various improvements, bug fixes, and new features to enhance the TV’s performance and user experience. Firmware updates may include optimizations to the Smart TV interface, improved compatibility with streaming services, and general system stability enhancements.

The TV’s built-in software update feature ensures that users can easily keep their TV’s software up to date. The TV can check for updates automatically or allow users to initiate manual checks through the settings menu. Staying up-to-date with software updates helps ensure the TV operates smoothly and efficiently.

In The Box

When purchasing the Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV, users can expect a comprehensive package with essential accessories and documentation. The contents of the box typically include:

Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV: The star of the show, the TV itself, is securely packaged to prevent damage during transit.

Remote Control: An ergonomic and user-friendly remote control with batteries included, allowing users to operate the TV and access its features.

Power Cord: The power cord is provided for connecting the TV to an electrical outlet.

Stand: A sturdy stand is included for tabletop placement if the user chooses not to wall mount the TV.

User Manual and Documentation: The package includes a user manual that provides detailed instructions on setting up and using the TV. Additionally, any warranty information and safety guidelines are typically included in the documentation.

Other Accessories: Depending on the region and the TV’s optional features, the package may include additional accessories such as 3D glasses or a One Connect box (for specific models).

Including all necessary accessories in the box ensures a hassle-free setup and installation process for the Samsung S95C TV.


The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty that provides peace of mind to consumers. The duration and coverage of the warranty may vary depending on the region and local regulations. Still, it typically covers manufacturing defects and hardware malfunctions for a specified period, such as one or two years.

For added protection, users can also opt for extended warranty plans, which offer additional coverage beyond the standard warranty period. These plans may include benefits like on-site repairs, priority customer support, and coverage for accidental damage. Considering the investment in a high-quality TV like the S95C, an extended warranty can be worthwhile to ensure long-term usage with minimal financial risk.

VS Other Brands

The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV competes with other leading brands in the premium television segment. When comparing the S95C to other OLED TVs or high-end LED/LCD models from brands like LG, Sony, or Panasonic, it’s essential to consider factors like picture quality, features, and pricing.

OLED TVs from various brands share similar technology, with differences mainly lying in design aesthetics and software features. Samsung’s implementation of OLED technology in the S95C offers excellent color accuracy, deep blacks, and vibrant HDR performance, similar to its competitors.

One of the main differentiating factors is the Smart TV platform and user interface. Samsung’s Tizen operating system on the S95C is known for its smooth performance and intuitive interface, while other brands may use their proprietary platforms like LG’s webOS or Sony’s Android TV.

Ultimately, choosing the Samsung S95C and other brands depends on personal preferences, brand loyalty, and specific feature requirements.

Value for Money

The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV offers a premium experience but comes with a higher price tag than standard LED/LCD TVs. The added cost is justified by the cutting-edge OLED technology, 4K resolution, HDR support, and Smart TV capabilities.

For consumers seeking the best possible picture quality with vibrant colors and impressive contrast, the S95C delivers an exceptional viewing experience. Additionally, the smart features and voice control add to the convenience and versatility of the TV.

While the S95C may be a significant investment, it provides value for money for those who prioritize picture quality and desire the latest TV technology.

Size Options

The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV is available in various size options to accommodate different room sizes and viewing preferences. Common size options include 55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches. The availability of different sizes allows users to choose the one that best fits their living space and provides an immersive viewing experience.

When selecting the TV size, it’s essential to consider factors like the viewing distance, room layout, and personal preferences. A larger screen may be ideal for larger living rooms or home theaters, while a smaller size might be more suitable for bedrooms or smaller spaces.

The availability of different size options makes the S95C a versatile choice for a wide range of users and room setups.

4K Resolution

The Samsung S95C boasts 4K resolution, or Ultra High Definition (UHD), which offers four times the pixel count of Full HD (1080p) displays. The 4K resolution provides exceptional clarity and detail, creating sharper images and more immersive viewing experiences.

The high pixel density of 4K resolution ensures that the individual pixels are virtually invisible when viewed from a typical viewing distance, delivering a smoother and more refined picture.

4K resolution is particularly advantageous when viewing native 4K content, such as 4K Blu-ray discs, streaming services offering 4K content, and high-quality 4K videos. The S95C’s 4K OLED panel, with its infinite contrast ratio and precise color reproduction, takes full advantage of the 4K resolution to deliver stunning visuals.

8K Resolution

While the Samsung S95C offers exceptional 4K resolution, some users might be curious about 8K resolution TVs, which provide even higher pixel counts. 8K resolution offers four times the pixel count of 4K displays, resulting in astonishing detail and clarity.

However, it’s worth noting that 8K content is still relatively limited compared to 4K content, and most media is currently produced in 4K or lower resolutions. The benefits of 8K resolution become more noticeable on larger screen sizes, typically 75 inches or larger.

Currently, 8K content availability is gradually increasing, and streaming platforms are beginning to offer some 8K content. Samsung and other manufacturers continue to develop and release 8K TVs, catering to consumers who seek the latest advancements in TV technology.

HDR Technology

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology is at the forefront of the Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV, enhancing the display quality to deliver stunning visuals. By expanding the range of luminosity levels, HDR creates deeper blacks, brighter whites, and a wider range of colors, resulting in lifelike images with incredible detail and contrast. HDR technology provides a more immersive viewing experience, making dark scenes appear more realistic while preserving fine details in bright scenes.

OLED Technology

The Samsung S95C TV boasts Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, a key feature that elevates picture quality. OLED panels work without a backlight, allowing each pixel to produce light. This pixel-level control results in perfect black levels, as individual pixels can be turned off entirely. The elimination of a backlight also ensures better energy efficiency and thinner displays. OLED technology enables the Samsung S95C to deliver stunning visuals with accurate colors, sharpness, and smooth motion, making it an ideal choice for cinephiles and gamers alike.

MicroLED Technology

Although the Samsung S95C primarily relies on OLED technology, it incorporates MicroLED technology in some aspects. MicroLED is a self-emissive display technology that, like OLED, works without a backlight. It consists of microscopic LEDs that emit light independently, offering excellent control over each pixel’s brightness. By integrating MicroLED, the Samsung S95C achieves enhanced brightness levels and a longer lifespan, ensuring viewers enjoy a premium and reliable viewing experience.

QLED Technology

The Samsung S95C TV also uses Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode (QLED) technology to enhance color reproduction further. QLED technology utilizes quantum dots to improve the color spectrum, resulting in more vibrant and accurate colors. This feature complements the TV’s OLED display, ensuring viewers experience colors with unprecedented realism. Combined with HDR technology, QLED technology maximizes the visual impact of high-quality content, making it ideal for movie nights and gaming sessions.

Ambient Mode

The Samsung S95C comes equipped with Ambient Mode, an innovative feature that transforms the TV into a dynamic part of your living space when it’s not in use. The TV seamlessly blends into the room’s decor by mimicking the surrounding wall’s pattern or displaying useful information like the time, weather, or personal photos. Ambient Mode enhances the aesthetics of your living space, eliminating the need for a black screen that stands out when not actively watching content.

One Connect Box

The Samsung S95C includes the One Connect Box, a significant connectivity and cable management advancement. The One Connect Box is a central hub, allowing you to connect all your external devices to a single unit, including gaming consoles, soundbars, and streaming devices. This means you only need to run one cable to the TV, reducing clutter and making installation easier. The One Connect Box can also be placed out of sight, enhancing the TV’s clean and minimalistic design.


The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV comes with a range of accessories that enhance the user experience and simplify setup. These accessories typically include:

Remote Control: The TV is accompanied by a sleek and user-friendly remote control that provides easy navigation and access to essential functions. The remote may also support voice control, allowing users to interact with the TV using natural language commands.

Power Cord: The package includes a power cord that connects the TV to an electrical outlet.

Stand: A sturdy stand is included for users who choose not to wall-mount the TV, providing a stable platform for tabletop placement.

User Manual and Documentation: The TV package contains a user manual that offers detailed instructions on setting up and using the TV. Additionally, any warranty information and safety guidelines are typically included in the documentation.

Other Accessories: Depending on the region and specific model, the package may include accessories like 3D glasses (for 3D-enabled models) or a One Connect Box.


The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV is already a high-end and feature-rich television. However, advancements in TV technology continue to evolve, and future models may introduce new and innovative features.

Some potential future developments in TV technology could include:

Improved OLED Panels: OLED technology is continually advancing, with efforts to enhance brightness, reduce manufacturing costs, and extend panel lifespan. Future OLED TVs may offer even brighter and more efficient displays.

Advancements in HDR: Future models may support even more advanced HDR formats and processing techniques, resulting in more realistic and captivating visuals.

Integration of AI and Machine Learning: Smart TVs may incorporate advanced AI algorithms to enhance content recommendations, optimize picture quality based on content type, and further personalize the user experience.

Enhanced Connectivity: Future TVs may offer more extensive connectivity options, including support for the latest HDMI and audio formats, ensuring compatibility with upcoming devices and content sources.

Eco-Friendly Features: Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on eco-friendly initiatives, and future TVs may incorporate energy-efficient components and materials to reduce environmental impact.

It’s essential to keep an eye on product announcements and reviews to stay informed about the latest advancements in TV technology.

  • Stunning 4K OLED HDR picture quality.
  • User-friendly Smart TV interface with voice control.
  • Wide viewing angle for immersive experiences.
  • Sleek and elegant design.
  • Ambient Mode adds aesthetic appeal to the living space.
  • One Connect Box simplifies cable management and future connectivity.
  • Premium price compared to standard LED/LCD TVs.
  • Limited 8K content availability.
  • Potential OLED burn-in risk (although modern panels have safeguards).


Final Verdict and Recommendation

The Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV is a top-tier television with impressive picture quality, Smart TV capabilities, and elegant design. The combination of OLED technology and HDR support results in stunning visuals that offer a captivating viewing experience.

The TV’s Smart features, including voice control and app integration, make it a versatile entertainment hub for streaming, gaming, and accessing various content. The Ambient Mode adds an aesthetic touch to the living space when the TV is not actively used.

While the S95C comes at a premium price, it offers value for money to those seeking superior picture quality and cutting-edge technology. Its wide viewing angle and sleek design further contribute to its appeal.

As with any high-end TV, potential buyers should consider their budget, room size, and viewing preferences. If exceptional picture quality and a feature-rich Smart TV experience are top priorities, the Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

However, for users with a more limited budget, alternative LED/LCD models from Samsung or other reputable brands may provide a satisfactory viewing experience at a more affordable price point. When considering a purchase, comparing features, picture quality, and specifications is crucial to find the best fit for individual needs and preferences.

Overall, the Samsung S95C 4K OLED HDR Smart TV represents a top-tier offering in the premium television market, delivering outstanding performance and user experience.

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