The LG LED UQ75 4K Smart TV is a cutting-edge television with a range of features designed to enhance your viewing experience. With its impressive 4K resolution, smart capabilities, and sleek design, it aims to deliver top-notch entertainment to consumers.


The LG UQ75 employs state-of-the-art technology to provide the best viewing experience. One of the standout features is its 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution, which offers four times the pixel count of Full HD. This means you can expect incredibly sharp and detailed images that make your favorite movies, TV shows, and games come to life.

Additionally, the TV uses LG’s advanced LED technology, which enhances color accuracy and provides a wider color spectrum. This results in more vibrant and lifelike colors, making every scene on the screen look stunning.

Smart Features

LG’s Smart TV platform is a standout feature of the UQ75. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily access content and streaming services. Popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube are readily available, and you can even download more from the LG Content Store.

The TV also supports voice control, allowing you to search for content, change settings, and control your smart home devices using your voice. This feature, powered by LG’s ThinQ AI, adds convenience to your entertainment setup.


The LG UQ75 boasts a sleek and modern design that will complement any living space. Its slim bezels and minimalistic stand create an elegant look that focuses your attention on the display. The TV is available in various screen sizes to suit different room sizes and preferences.

The build quality is excellent, and it feels sturdy. The ports are conveniently located for easy access, and cable management options help keep your setup clean and organized.

Picture Quality

When it comes to picture quality, the LG UQ75 truly shines. The 4K resolution and LG’s advanced picture technologies ensure you’ll enjoy breathtaking visuals. HDR support further enhances the dynamic range, offering deeper blacks and brighter whites for a more immersive experience.

The TV also includes TruMotion technology, which reduces motion blur during fast-paced scenes, making it an excellent choice for sports and action movie enthusiasts.

LG LED UQ75 4K Smart TV

Sound Quality

While the UQ75 delivers impressive visuals, paying attention to its sound quality is essential. The TV features a built-in audio system with multiple speakers that provide clear and immersive audio. However, for the best experience, consider pairing it with an external sound system or soundbar.

LG offers various audio settings and modes, allowing you to fine-tune the sound to your preferences, whether watching a movie, playing games, or listening to music.

Remote Control

The TV comes with a user-friendly remote control that is intuitive to use. It includes quick-access buttons for popular streaming services and dedicated volume and channel controls. The remote also has a built-in microphone for voice commands, adding to the convenience of the smart features.

Connectivity Options

LG has equipped the UQ75 with a wide range of connectivity options to accommodate your various devices. It includes multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, and audio outputs. Additionally, Bluetooth support allows you to connect wireless headphones, speakers, or other peripherals seamlessly.


The LG UQ75 is compatible with a variety of devices and content sources. Whether you want to connect a gaming console, Blu-ray player, or set-top box, the TV offers the necessary ports and features to ensure compatibility. Its smart platform is also designed to work seamlessly with popular streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

App Store

The LG Content Store offers vast apps and services for your entertainment needs. You can find everything from streaming services and games to lifestyle apps. The store is regularly updated, ensuring that you have access to the latest content and features.

Gaming Experience

The LG LED UQ75 4K Smart TV offers an impressive gaming experience thanks to its 4K resolution, low input lag, and high refresh rate. Gamers will appreciate the sharp and detailed graphics that 4K resolution provides, making games look more lifelike and immersive. The low input lag ensures minimal delay between your controller inputs and on-screen actions, which is crucial for fast-paced gaming.

Viewing Angle

One of the key considerations for any TV is its viewing angle. The LG UQ75 features an IPS panel, offering wider viewing angles than other panel types like VA. This means that the picture quality remains consistent whether you’re sitting directly in front of the TV or off to the side, and colors don’t wash out. It’s a significant advantage for larger rooms or when you have multiple viewers at different angles.

Voice Control

Voice control is becoming increasingly popular in smart TVs, and the LG UQ75 doesn’t disappoint. It integrates LG’s ThinQ AI, enabling voice commands such as changing channels, adjusting volume, searching for content, and controlling compatible smart home devices. This feature adds convenience and makes navigating the TV’s features easier than ever.

Input Ports

The LG UQ75 is well-equipped with input ports to accommodate various devices. It typically includes multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, Ethernet, and audio outputs. These ports allow you to connect gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, soundbars, and more. A generous number of ports ensures you will have enough connectivity options.

Wall Mount Compatibility

For those looking to save space or achieve a sleek, minimalist look, the LG UQ75 is compatible with VESA wall mounts. This means you can securely attach it to your wall, freeing up floor space and achieving a clean and modern aesthetic. Check the VESA mount pattern and size recommendations for your specific TV size.


While the LG UQ75 offers excellent out-of-the-box picture quality, enthusiasts may want to calibrate the TV for their preferences. LG provides a variety of picture settings and modes, allowing you to fine-tune aspects like color accuracy, contrast, and brightness. Calibration tools and guides are available to help you achieve the best possible picture quality.

Software Updates

LG is known for providing regular software updates to enhance the performance and features of its smart TVs. These updates may include improvements to the user interface, bug fixes, and even new features. Staying connected to the internet and enabling automatic updates ensures that your LG UQ75 stays updated with the latest enhancements.

In The Box

When you purchase the LG UQ75, you can expect a standard set of accessories in the box. This typically includes the TV itself, a remote control, batteries for the remote, a power cable, and a user manual. While there may not be any surprises regarding included accessories, it covers the essentials needed to set up and enjoy your new TV.

VS Other Brands

Comparing the LG LED UQ75 to other brands is essential for making an informed decision. Factors like pricing, specific features, and brand reputation are worth considering. Some competitors may offer similar specifications and features, so weighing the pros and cons before purchasing is crucial.

Size Options

The LG LED UQ75 4K Smart TV is available in a range of size options to suit different room sizes and preferences. Standard sizes include 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. Choosing the right size depends on your viewing distance and the available space in your living room. Larger sizes offer a more immersive experience, but ensuring the TV fits comfortably in your room is crucial.

4K Resolution

The standout feature of the LG UQ75 is its 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution. With four times the pixel count of Full HD, 4K resolution delivers incredibly sharp and detailed images. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or streaming content, the level of detail is impressive. It significantly improves lower-resolution TVs and enhances the overall viewing experience.

8K Resolution

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the LG UQ75 is a 4K TV, and there is no mention of an 8K resolution option in the UQ75 series. However, it’s worth noting that 8K TVs were emerging as a premium option in the market, offering even higher resolution and detail than 4K. If LG has introduced an 8K variant in the UQ series after my knowledge cutoff date, it would represent a significant advancement in resolution.

HDR Technology

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology enhances contrast and color in TV displays. The LG UQ75 typically supports HDR formats like HDR10 and Dolby Vision. These formats ensure deeper blacks, brighter whites, and a wider range of colors. HDR content, which is increasingly available on streaming platforms and in 4K UHD Blu-rays, looks stunning on this TV.

OLED Technology

The LG UQ75 is an LED TV and does not feature OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. OLED TVs are known for pixel illumination, resulting in perfect blacks and infinite contrast ratios. While the UQ75 doesn’t have OLED, its LED display offers excellent picture quality, especially with features like 4K resolution and HDR support.

MicroLED Technology

MicroLED technology, as of my last knowledge update, was primarily found in high-end displays and large video walls. It uses tiny, self-emissive LEDs to create images with exceptional brightness and color accuracy. The LG UQ75 does not incorporate MicroLED technology, but it remains an exciting development in the TV industry for the future.

QLED Technology

The LG UQ75 is part of LG’s LED TV lineup and does not feature QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode) technology. QLED TVs, commonly associated with brands like Samsung, use quantum dots to enhance color accuracy and brightness. While the UQ75 doesn’t have QLED technology, it utilizes LG’s advanced LED and color-enhancing technologies for impressive picture quality.

Ambient Mode

Ambient Mode is a feature that allows the TV to blend into your living space when not in use. It typically displays art, photos, or other visuals on the screen, making it look like a piece of art or a decorative element. Ambient Mode is a nice touch for those who want their TV to be less conspicuous when not actively watching content.

One Connect Box

The LG UQ75 series usually does not come with a One Connect Box. This feature is more commonly associated with Samsung TVs, where it centralizes all connections, including HDMI and power, in a separate box. While the UQ75 doesn’t offer this feature, it still provides a range of input ports on the TV itself for connecting various devices.


Looking to the future, TV technology continues to advance rapidly. Features like 8K resolution, improved HDR formats, and even more immersive display technologies are on the horizon. LG will likely continue innovating in its TV offerings, so it’s worth watching their future releases for even more exciting features and advancements.

  • Impressive 4K resolution for sharp and detailed images.
  • HDR support enhances contrast and color.
  • Wide range of size options to suit different spaces.
  • LG’s smart platform offers access to popular streaming services.
  • Good selection of input ports for connectivity.
  • Lack of OLED technology for perfect blacks.
  • May not include advanced features like 8K resolution.
  • Ambient Mode is not as customizable as some other brands’ offerings.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

The LG LED UQ75 4K Smart TV is a solid choice for those seeking excellent picture quality with 4K resolution and HDR support. Its wide range of size options ensures you can find the right fit for your space. While it doesn’t include advanced features like OLED or 8K resolution, it delivers a fantastic viewing experience for most consumers. Watch LG’s future releases for the latest TV technology as the industry evolves. Overall, the UQ75 offers excellent value and is recommended for those looking for a high-quality 4K TV.

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