The Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar is a sleek and powerful audio solution to enhance your home entertainment experience. With its compact form factor and advanced audio technologies, this soundbar aims to deliver immersive sound quality and convenience. This review delves into its design, audio performance, connectivity options, and installation process and provides an overall verdict on whether it’s a worthy addition to your audio setup.

Design and Build Quality

The Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar boasts a modern, minimalistic design that seamlessly complements most TV setups. Its slim profile and matte finish give it an understated elegance that blends into any room decor. The build quality is sturdy and well-crafted, exuding durability that ensures longevity. The soundbar can be wall-mounted or placed on a surface, offering flexible installation options.

Audio Quality

Regarding audio performance, the Denon DHT-S216 impresses with its dynamic sound output. The soundbar has two full-range drivers and a wireless subwoofer, delivering a balanced audio experience. The mid-range frequencies are precise, the vocals are crisp, and the subwoofer adds depth to the low-end frequencies, resulting in a satisfyingly rich soundstage. While it might not replicate the immersive experience of an entire home theater system, the DHT-S216 performs remarkably well within its compact confines.

Connectivity Options

The Denon DHT-S216 offers a range of connectivity options to cater to various multimedia devices. It features HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) for a streamlined connection to your TV, allowing you to control the soundbar using your TV remote. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity enables wireless audio streaming from compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets. This feature is convenient for playing music directly from your devices without additional cables.

Installation and Setup

Setting up the Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar is a straightforward process that doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge. The package includes all necessary cables and mounting hardware. For wall mounting, a template is provided to ensure accurate placement. Connecting the soundbar to your TV and other devices is hassle-free, and the integrated HDMI ARC simplifies the control setup. The wireless subwoofer conveniently syncs with the soundbar upon power-up, reducing cable clutter and enhancing placement flexibility.

Our Verdict

The Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar presents a compelling option for those seeking an audio upgrade without the complexity of a full-fledged home theater system. Its sleek design, commendable build quality, and impressive audio performance make it a valuable addition to any entertainment setup. While it may not replicate the immersive audio experience of more expensive designs, its affordability, and convenience make it a worthy investment for smaller spaces or those looking to enhance their TV audio. The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity adds versatility, allowing for seamless music streaming. Overall, the Denon DHT-S216 offers a balance of aesthetics, performance, and functionality that’s hard to beat in its price range.

Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar

Remote Control and User Interface

The Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar has an intuitive remote control that offers easy access to various functions. The remote is well-designed, featuring clearly labeled buttons that allow users to adjust volume, change audio modes, and control playback. The user interface is straightforward, with LED indicators providing visual feedback for selected settings. The remote’s responsive nature ensures that users can navigate the soundbar’s features without frustration.

Speaker Configuration

The DHT-S216 features a well-engineered speaker configuration that contributes to its audio performance. With two full-range drivers and a separate wireless subwoofer, the soundbar covers a wide frequency range. The full-range drivers handle mid to high frequencies, while the subwoofer takes care of the low-end, creating a balanced and immersive sound profile.

Bass and Treble Performance

The bass and treble performance of the Denon DHT-S216 is notably impressive for a soundbar of its size. The wireless subwoofer delivers a punchy and well-defined bass response, adding depth to explosions, music, and low-frequency effects. The treble frequencies are clear and detailed, ensuring that vocals and high-frequency sounds are reproduced accurately and fully. The soundbar strikes a good balance between bass impact and treble clarity, enhancing the overall listening experience.

EQ Settings

One of the standout features of the DHT-S216 is its EQ (equalizer) settings, which allow users to tailor the sound to their preferences. The soundbar offers preset EQ modes, such as “Movie,” “Music,” and “Night,” each optimized for specific content and scenarios. Additionally, the soundbar provides manual EQ adjustments, enabling users to fine-tune the sound profile’s bass, treble, and other aspects according to their liking. This level of customization is a welcome feature, as it allows users to adapt the sound to different genres of music, movies, and personal preferences.

Soundstage and Imaging

Despite its compact form factor, the Denon DHT-S216 creates a surprisingly spacious soundstage. The soundbar’s design and speaker configuration contribute to a broader sonic presence, making it feel like the audio comes from a more significant source. This is particularly noticeable during movie playback, where the soundstage allows for a more immersive cinematic experience. Imaging, or the ability to perceive the location of sound sources, is also commendable. The soundbar’s placement of audio cues adds to the sense of depth, enhancing the overall realism of sound effects and vocals.

Surround Sound Performance

The DHT-S216 aims to provide a simulated surround sound experience despite its lack of physical rear speakers. While it can’t replicate the true 360-degree soundstage of a dedicated surround sound system, it does employ virtual surround sound technology to expand the audio beyond the confines of the soundbar. This feature enhances the immersion during movie playback, creating a sense of space beyond the soundbar’s physical dimensions. While not as enveloping as a true surround sound setup, the virtual surround effect is a commendable attempt to bring a more expansive audio experience to a compact soundbar.

Dialogue Clarity

The Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar delivers clear and intelligible dialogue, enhancing your viewing experience. Its dedicated center channel and advanced audio processing technologies make voices prominent and well-separated from background sounds. This feature is essential for movie enthusiasts, as it prevents dialogue from getting lost in action-packed scenes or complex audio mixes.

Volume and Power Handling

Despite its compact size, the DHT-S216 is surprisingly capable regarding the volume and power handling. The soundbar can reach high volume levels without significant distortion, maintaining audio clarity even during intense scenes. This is a notable advantage for larger rooms or gatherings where a powerful audio output is essential. The soundbar’s power handling ability maintains its audio quality even at higher volume settings.

Bluetooth and Wireless Connectivity

Including Bluetooth connectivity in the Denon DHT-S216 expands its versatility beyond TV audio. With Bluetooth support, you can wirelessly connect your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices to the soundbar. This feature allows you to stream music, podcasts, and other audio content directly from your devices, eliminating additional cables. The convenience of Bluetooth connectivity makes the soundbar a suitable choice for both entertainment and casual listening.

Compatibility with TV and Other Devices

The DHT-S216 is designed to integrate with your TV setup seamlessly. It features HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) connectivity, enabling a single HDMI cable to handle both audio from the TV and control functions. This integration simplifies the user experience by allowing you to control the soundbar using your TV remote. Additionally, the soundbar offers optical and coaxial inputs, providing compatibility with various devices, including gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and more.

Streaming Services Support

Modern entertainment often involves streaming content from popular platforms. While the DHT-S216 doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi, its Bluetooth connectivity offers a workaround for streaming. By pairing your device with the soundbar via Bluetooth, you can stream content from your preferred streaming services directly to the soundbar. This adds a layer of flexibility to the soundbar’s functionality, allowing you to enjoy streaming content with improved audio quality.

Audio Codecs Supported

The Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar supports a range of audio codecs, ensuring compatibility with various audio formats and sources. Standard codecs such as Dolby Digital and DTS are supported, allowing you to experience immersive surround sound from compatible content. While the soundbar doesn’t support more advanced codecs like Dolby Atmos, its ability to decode popular codecs contributes to an enhanced audio experience for movies, TV shows, and music.

Size and Compatibility with Room

The compact size of the DHT-S216 makes it suitable for various room setups. Whether you have a small living room or a larger entertainment space, the soundbar’s design allows for flexible placement. Its dimensions and form factor also make it a great fit for wall mounting beneath your TV or placing it on a surface in front of your TV. The soundbar’s versatility in terms of placement and size ensures that it can adapt to different room configurations.

Brand and Reputation

Denon, a well-established brand in the audio industry, has a reputation for producing high-quality audio products. The Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering audio excellence. With decades of experience, Denon has built a strong reputation for crafting audio solutions that balance innovation, performance, and reliability.

Price and Value for Money

The DHT-S216 Soundbar offers solid value for its price point. While it may not feature all the bells and whistles of higher-end models, it provides a balance between performance and affordability. The soundbar’s audio quality, dialogue clarity, and customizable settings contribute to its value, making it an accessible option for users looking to enhance their audio experience without breaking the bank.

Durability and Longevity

The build quality of the DHT-S216 Soundbar reflects Denon’s commitment to durability. The soundbar is constructed with high-quality materials, contributing to its sturdiness and longevity. Its solid construction ensures it can withstand regular use and minor wear and tear, extending its lifespan. This durability is important in ensuring the soundbar’s value over time.

Energy Efficiency

The Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It employs power-saving features that help reduce energy consumption during operation. When the soundbar is inactive for a certain period, it automatically enters a power-saving mode, contributing to energy conservation. This consideration for energy efficiency aligns with modern environmental consciousness and also helps users save on their energy bills.

Portability and Convenience

While primarily designed for home use, the DHT-S216 Soundbar offers a degree of portability and convenience. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it relatively easy to move around. This is especially useful if you want to temporarily set it up in different rooms for events or gatherings. The soundbar’s portability adds an element of flexibility to your audio setup.

Mounting Options

The Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar provides versatile mounting options to suit different preferences. It can be easily wall-mounted using the included mounting hardware. The package often includes a wall-mounting template to ensure accurate placement. Alternatively, the soundbar can be placed on a surface before your TV. This flexibility in mounting options allows you to choose the setup that best fits your room and aesthetic preferences.

  • Clear dialogue enhancement.
  • Affordable value for money.
  • Customizable EQ settings.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming.
  • Sleek and compact design.
  • Versatile mounting options.
  • Limited surround sound simulation.
  • Lacks advanced audio codecs support.
  • Basic remote control design.

Comparison with Similar Products

When comparing the Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar to similar products in its price range, it stands out due to its clear dialogue reproduction, customizable EQ settings, and compact design. While it may not have all the features of higher-end models, its affordability and solid audio performance make it a competitive option. When compared to other soundbars with similar price points, the DHT-S216’s dialogue clarity and Bluetooth connectivity often give it an edge, catering to both movie enthusiasts and casual listeners.

Buying Guide and Recommendations

Before purchasing the Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar or any audio equipment, consider the following factors:

  • Room Size: Assess the size of your room to determine if the soundbar’s power and audio output are suitable for your space.
  • Audio Preferences: Consider whether dialogue clarity, bass impact, or a balanced audio profile is more important to you. The DHT-S216’s customizable EQ settings are beneficial for tailoring the sound to your preferences.
  • TV Compatibility: Ensure that your TV has the necessary audio outputs (HDMI ARC, optical, or coaxial) to connect the soundbar.
  • Streaming Needs: If you prioritize wireless audio streaming, the DHT-S216’s Bluetooth connectivity might be a crucial feature.
  • Mounting Options: Decide whether you want to wall-mount the soundbar or place it on a surface in front of your TV.

Based on these factors, the Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar is recommended for users seeking a cost-effective solution to enhance their TV audio. It’s especially suitable for those looking to improve dialogue clarity and enjoy a customizable audio experience. If you value wireless streaming and a compact design, the DHT-S216 offers a convenient package.

Final Thoughts

The Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar presents a commendable audio solution for individuals seeking to elevate their entertainment experience without breaking the bank. Its strengths lie in its clear dialogue reproduction, customizable EQ settings, and affordable pricing. While it may not offer all the advanced features of higher-end models, its solid performance, Bluetooth connectivity, and compact design make it a valuable addition to various setups. Keep in mind that its virtual surround sound technology isn’t a complete substitute for dedicated surround systems, but it does enhance the audio experience. Overall, the Denon DHT-S216 Soundbar strikes a balance between affordability, audio quality, and user convenience, making it a strong contender for those looking to enhance their home audio setup.

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