The Cello 22-inch ZF0222 12 Volt and mains Full HD LED TV has garnered attention for its versatile power options and compact size. This comprehensive review will delve into various aspects of this television to provide an in-depth understanding of its features and performance.


The backbone of any modern TV is its underlying technology. The ZF0222 boasts Full HD LED technology, promising crisp visuals and vibrant colors. This section will explore the technical aspects of the display, shedding light on the technology that drives the TV’s performance.

Smart Features

Smart functionalities have become integral to the modern TV experience. The ZF0222 has smart features that enhance user interaction and entertainment options. We will examine these features, evaluating their utility and ease of use.


Aesthetics and build quality contribute significantly to the overall appeal of a TV. This section will dissect the design of the ZF0222, considering factors such as bezel size, building materials, and overall visual aesthetics to provide a holistic view of its design.

Picture Quality

Picture quality is a paramount consideration for any TV buyer. The ZF0222, with its Full HD LED display, aims to deliver sharp and clear visuals. We will scrutinize the picture quality, assessing color accuracy, contrast, and how well it performs across different content types.

Cello 22 inch ZF0222 12 Volt and mains Full HD LED TV

Sound Quality

Immersive audio is essential for a satisfying viewing experience. This section will evaluate the sound quality of the ZF0222, considering factors like clarity, volume range, and overall audio performance to determine its capability to complement the high-quality visuals.

Remote Control

The remote control serves as the primary interface between the user and the TV. We will assess the design, functionality, and ergonomics of the ZF0222’s remote control, exploring how well it complements the overall user experience.

Connectivity Options

The availability and variety of connectivity options are crucial for accommodating different devices. This section will detail the input and output ports of the ZF0222, including HDMI, USB, and other interfaces, providing insights into its versatility in connecting external devices.


Ensuring compatibility with various devices is essential in today’s diverse tech landscape. We will investigate the ZF0222’s compatibility with gaming consoles, streaming devices, and other peripherals, offering insights into its flexibility in catering to different user needs.

App Store

The presence of an app store in a smart TV expands its entertainment possibilities. This section will explore the app store on the ZF0222, evaluating the variety of apps available, user interface, and overall ease of use in accessing and installing apps.

Gaming Experience

For gaming enthusiasts, the gaming experience is a crucial aspect of any TV. The Cello 22-inch ZF0222, with its Full HD LED display, aims to provide a satisfying gaming experience. We’ll explore input lag, response time, and overall performance to assess its suitability for gaming.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of a TV can significantly impact the overall viewing experience, especially in larger spaces. We’ll scrutinize the ZF0222’s viewing angles, evaluating how well it maintains color accuracy and brightness when viewed from different positions.

Voice Control

Voice control has become a standard feature in many smart devices. We’ll explore the ZF0222’s voice control capabilities, assessing its responsiveness and effectiveness in executing commands and providing insights into the convenience it brings to users.

Input Ports

The availability and variety of input ports are essential considerations, especially for users with multiple devices. This section will detail the input ports on the ZF0222, including HDMI, USB, and other connectivity options, offering a comprehensive overview of its compatibility with gaming consoles and other peripherals.

Wall Mount Compatibility

Space optimization concerns many users, and wall mounting a TV is a popular solution. We’ll investigate the ZF0222’s compatibility with wall mounts, discussing the VESA mount pattern and other factors to consider for a seamless wall-mounted setup.


Calibrating a TV ensures optimal performance and visual accuracy. We’ll explore the calibration options available on the ZF0222, discussing whether it allows users to fine-tune picture and audio settings according to their preferences.

Software Updates

Regular software updates are crucial for enhancing features and fixing potential issues. This section will examine the ZF0222’s software update process, assessing the frequency and ease of updates to keep the TV up-to-date with the latest enhancements.

In The Box

Unboxing a new TV is exciting, and understanding what’s included in the package is essential. We’ll detail the contents of the ZF0222’s box, discussing whether it comes with necessary accessories and providing insights into the overall unboxing experience.

VS Other Brands

To provide a comprehensive perspective, we’ll compare the Cello 22-inch ZF0222 with other brands in its category. This section will explore how it stacks up against competitors regarding gaming performance, viewing angles, voice control, and other features, helping potential buyers make an informed choice.

Size Options

The Cello 22-inch ZF0222 is compact, catering to those seeking a smaller footprint for their entertainment setup. While larger screens are popular, the 22-inch size is ideal for spaces with limited room, such as kitchens, bedrooms, or offices.

4K Resolution

Regrettably, the ZF0222 does not support 4K resolution, which has become a standard in many modern TVs. The absence of 4K resolution may limit the level of detail visible on the screen, especially compared to TVs with higher resolution capabilities.

8K Resolution

Like 4K, the ZF0222 does not support 8K resolution. While 8K content is still emerging, having an 8K-capable TV ensures future-proofing for upcoming advancements in content and technology.

HDR Technology

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology enhances a TV’s contrast and color range. Unfortunately, the ZF0222 does not incorporate HDR support. This absence may result in a less vibrant and dynamic viewing experience compared to HDR-enabled TVs.

OLED Technology

OLED technology is known for producing deep blacks and vibrant colors. However, the ZF0222 does not feature OLED technology. This absence might impact its overall picture quality, especially in contrast and color accuracy.

MicroLED Technology

MicroLED technology is praised for its self-emissive properties and longevity. Unfortunately, the ZF0222 does not incorporate MicroLED technology, missing out on its potential advantages in terms of picture quality and display longevity.

QLED Technology

Quantum Dot LED (QLED) technology is known for enhancing color and brightness. However, the ZF0222 does not incorporate QLED technology, potentially resulting in lower color vibrancy and shine than QLED-equipped TVs.

Ambient Mode

Ambient mode, a feature in some modern TVs, allows the screen to display ambient visuals when not used. Unfortunately, the ZF0222 does not include this feature, missing the opportunity to turn the TV into a decorative element in the room.

One Connect Box

The ZF0222 does not come with a One Connect Box, a feature in some high-end TVs. This external connection hub is necessary to ensure cable management and the overall aesthetic of the TV setup.


Considering the rapid advancements in TV technology, the ZF0222 may face challenges in keeping up with future content and feature requirements. Users looking for a more future-proof investment may need to explore TVs with advanced technologies and features.

  • Compact Size: Ideal for limited spaces.
  • Versatile Power Options: Supports both 12 Volt and mains power.
  • Budget-Friendly: An affordable option for basic entertainment needs.
  • Full HD Display: Offers clear and sharp visuals.
  • Portable: Easy to move and relocate.
  • Limited Resolution: Lacks 4K and 8K resolution.
  • Absence of Advanced Technologies: No support for HDR, OLED, MicroLED, or QLED technologies.


Final Verdict and Recommendation

The Cello 22-inch ZF0222 12 Volt and mains Full HD LED TV presents a budget-friendly and compact option for users with basic entertainment needs. Its limitations in resolution and advanced display technologies may impact its appeal for those seeking a more immersive and future-proof viewing experience. Potential buyers should weigh the pros and cons against their specific requirements and consider their willingness to invest in a more feature-rich TV for a more satisfying entertainment setup.

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